Shot to Death and Dumped by the Shore: The Lime Lady

The “Lime Lady” is an unidentified murder victim found in Jones, Oklahoma in April of 1980. She was discovered naked on the shore of the North Canadian river and died by 3 gunshot wounds to the chest. She was approx. 18-25 yo, and slender at 5′7 and 115 lbs. Her face and chest were freckled.

She was nicknamed after the quicklime her killer had tried to use to enhance her decomposition, but it had the opposite effect and due to the river’s moisture, she was almost mummified. She was clothed when she was murdered, her killer having stripped her nude after death.

A creepy composite sculpture

Her arms showed evidence that someone had dragged her to the river to kill her, and her killer appeared to have been walking towards her when shooting her. The force of one bullet had embedded a dime in her chest.

Said police chief Bob Green; “We have never been able to identify this girl for all this time. I believe she was dumped there and that this was the second crime scene. She was killed elsewhere.”

The 1cm heart tattoo above her left breast

The only unique identifiers on her were an appendectomy scar and a heart-shaped tattoo on her chest. She has been unidentified for nearly 40 years. Police suspect she may have been killed by a biker gang, or was a runaway from a foster home, but nothing has ever been confirmed. The Lime Lady’s life and end remain an unsolved mystery.


As of Jan. 30, 2020, The Lime Lady has finally been identified as U.S. military soldier Tamara Lee Tigard!

40 years after her death, DNA Doe Project solved the mystery by uploading her file to their database, using samples of blood, oral swabs, and dental x-rays to make their conclusion.

Tamara was born in California in 1959, and was killed before her 21st birthday. She held an SPC (Specialist) rank in the army. On Feb. 24, 1979 in Nevada, she married a Chadwick Ryan Carr; a man with an extensive criminal record. They divorced mere months later. He is still alive and in his 60s.

Oddly, she was living in Las Vegas at the time at the time of her death. Tamara disappeared without a trace after leaving her home to go for a walk.

How did she end up dead over 1000 miles away in Oklahoma? This question is yet to be answered. There was a 4 week window between her disappearance and the discovery of her body near the North Canadian river.

Tamara’s police case was closed long ago after a woman falsely used her identity in Ohio. The identity of this woman is now unknown, as well as the extent of her involvement in Tamara’s murder. Police do, however, have a photo of the identity thief and are working on finding her.

Unfortunately, all of Tamara’s immediate family members are now deceased. The only people that could be notified of her body’s discovery were second cousins. Sadly, her parents died without ever knowing what happened to their daughter.

Tamara’s killer is still yet to be found. Let us hope the killer is uncovered and that she receives posthumous justice!

2 thoughts on “Shot to Death and Dumped by the Shore: The Lime Lady

  1. I am researching this case as I know her second cousin. Oddly, her cousin and I have been researching another Tigard cold case. In 1976, Patricia Ann Tigard was found murdered along Hwy 199. I went to school with Patti and while I’m certain I know who her murderer is, I am not allowed to say legally.


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