She Died in Style: San Bernardino Jane Doe

Her 33 ½ inch gold waist chain with a gold heart pendant

Some Jane Does don’t have any composite drawings of them available because they were too badly decomposed when they were discovered. Sadly, this was the case for unidentified homicide victim San Bernardino Jane Doe.

Dark-blue bikini top

What managed to survive was her stylin’ fit, which is maybe an insensitive aspect to note, but no other information on her exists so this is all we are left with.

Silver wrist watch with “G&V” superimposed over it

She was found buried in a shallow grave off a California highway in November 2001, wrapped in plastic and tied with duct tape. Whoever wanted her gone took pains to to discard her body. However, due to construction on the Lucerne Valley road, a worker discovered her by pure luck.

On an odd side note, this Doe’s burial was very similar to Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, who was also found “dead, wrapped in plastic.”

ZANA DI shorts with a design embroidered around the leg (caked with dirt)

The Doe had been decomposing for several months, and her remains were unrecognizable. She was Hispanic, a short girl at only 5 ft tall, had long brown/auburn hair, and was most likely in her 20s. 

Fake nails painted red with yellow flames

Sad to say, this poor girl’s identification hinges on her fashion sense. If by chance some day a family member or a friend comes across these images and remembers “hey, she used to dress like this,” that will be the lost key to this cold case. For now, this Doe’s name is lost to history.

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